Amen to that, Anna Wintour! Today we want to talk about style. First, you have to understand that fashion and style are not the same thing… at all.

Fashion: 1. The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or behavior: out of fashion. 2. Something, such as a garment, that is in the current mode: a swimsuit that is the latest fashion.

Style: 1. A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes: does things with style. 2. a. A comfortable and elegant mode of existence: living in style. b. A mode of living: the style of the very rich.

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.”

So why do we want to talk about style? To be honest, we’re fed up with a lack of personality. We don’t need to follow bloggers or other influencers to try and find the latest trend: Kylie Jenner lips and Kim Kardashian contour… No thank you. Did you know bloggers get clothes for free from PR offices six months prior to when they’re available in shops? After that initial 6 months, everyone has the same bootcut jeans, ruffle shirts, crop-tops.

This is how the fashion industry works:

1. A designer or a creative director of a big fashion house gets an idea (Gucci, Chanel, YSL..)

2. We’ll see that idea on next season’s runways

3. Other smaller brands take influence of that

4. Eventually the fast fashion companies (Bik Bok, H&M, Forever 21) have copied those ideas and transformed them a tiny bit so that they cannot be accused of plagiarism. But hey, it is part of the industry.

5. Sweatshops overseas are known to use child labor as a source of work to produce an abundance of exact copies of these designs. We often see these replicas in major tourist attractions in countries such as Europe, Mexico, and Thailand.

6. End the support towards plagiarism and child labor by shopping sustainable brands and not replica, knock-off designs. By ending the support in fast-fashion, you will be forced to create your own sense of style.

“Summa summarum, if you feel good about yourself, you also look good no matter what you’re wearing or doing in life.”

But what captures our interest is those stylish women who have personal style. You know that type. You stare at them when they walk by. And the best part? They don’t wear deep cleavage shirts or overly tight jeans and skirts. (Quick tip: if you show some cleavage, that’s ok! Wear trousers or a long skirt and vice versa; with short skirts and shorts, wear tops with no cleavage)

The first rule is that you feel comfortable and powerful. When I went to a bar as a minor with my older friend’s ID’s, I’ll always remember what she told me: “Put on your sexiest underwear and you’ll do just fine. When they ask you for your ID, just think about what you’re wearing underneath your clothes”

So thank you for that piece of advice, Elisa! Now everytime I know I have to impress, I wear a sexy pair of underwear and feel empowered. It’s not all about the clothes and your outer exposure, but how you’re carrying yourself. ​Have you noticed that some people draw attention regardless what they wear? It’s also called high self-esteem and good energy.

Summa summarum, if you feel good about yourself, you also look good no matter what you’re wearing or doing in life. What you think and feel, it attracts like-minded people. BUT don’t forget to pay attention to where you are buying your pieces. Are they produced ethically or are you supporting fast-fashion? The average girl cannot afford to shop solely showroom, but stroll through a vintage shop or find a local entrepreneur that can help you find affordable yet sustainable products.

“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” – Ralph Lauren

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