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Olli Turunen is a Finnish designer based in the eclectic Helsinki neighborhood of Kallio. There his brand, Vejits designs are on display at the Himo shop among other designers of jewelry and creative projects. Right away his energy was buzzing, much like the buzz emanating from his yellow pant paired with a stunning long square-toed boot that absolutely had me swooning. Olli escorted us around his store and studio space like old friends coming over for a visit. With the enthusiasm of a child, Olli shared story after story about his designs, materials, and work experiences. I adored every second we got to spend in his space and learned a lot. His passion for his work is substantial and can be felt by anyone who inquires more about this talented brand. Most importantly, Olli shared his deep concern regarding quality. To the same tone as any real-estate agent, he too has a mantra that he lives by, “quality, quality, and quality ”.  

Vejits designs are set to a high standard starting from their conception. Considering a customer who craves a unique aesthetic to make a bold statement, Olli is mindful of every step concerning the process. Then by going to the origin and home of silk in southeastern Asia, he sources only the best quality materials and ethically established manufacturers. His strong relationship with Jim Thompson factories in Bangkok proves his undying concern for the highest standard. Finally, finishing up with stunning attention to detail before it ever is presented to the public. Vejits is a brand for the decades designed with phenomenal quality in mind every step of the way. These are the pieces that you will be known for wearing.

Beyond the final product, I find Vejits design process fascinating. More designers should be taking a practical look at global commerce to understand the buyers market and encourage customers to make quality investments. This, my friends, is the new way of sustainability. While there is a spectrum to the definition of what is sustainable, Vejits belief is simple, invest well and the product will last for years and remain beautiful. This is their belief, from thoughtfully sourcing their materials to the final construction execution, all the way to the final quality check before selling it to their customers. Sustainability is a journey and while there are many different approaches the destination remains the same. Chose wisely and invest in quality.

The most humbling fact that I have learned through this process of meeting with designers is that a creative life was never denied to them. When Olli was ready to change his life and fulfill his creative desires, he knew he could make it possible. While Finnish design varies in materials, textiles, and philosophies, the common thread among each is that no one is denied their dream to peruse what fills their soul. Olli was 50 years old when he decided to challenge his right brain and start something brand new. In a world of ongoing commitments and sometimes endless monotony, this refreshing way of living inspired my soul. This story, these clothes, they do more than dress a body, they invoke a sense of confidence that can only be summed up in one phrase, invigorating fashion.