The knitted net bag trend appeared on runways last summer, but this year, it’s really stolen the hearts of fashionistas worldwide.

Originally, these bags were made for fishermen and, eventually, were adapted to be used in all kinds of different industries and for different purposes. Ultimately, they served a functional purpose. In Soviet Russia, for example, they were used to carry produce when shopping. Today they’re a style item, used mainly for aesthetic purposes. If you want to hop on the knitted bag trend, see if you’re able to borrow a net bag from your grandmother, or find one second-hand. However, if you don’t have access to one, find a bag made from 100% ORGANIC COTTON or recycled materials.

If you follow fashion you may have noticed the revival of this accessory all over the blogs. They’re styled to carry flowers, magazines, fruit, and everything else in between. If nothing else – it’s a perfect addition to any flat lay.

Without a doubt, it’s a perfect beach bag to carry along when you’re on vacation, but would it be as stylish and useful in everyday life? I decided to give it a try to explore a few different ways to wear it casually.

“Originally, these bags were made for fishermen.”

First of all, I’d definitely recommend putting a statement clutch or a small bag inside it, since the netting pattern is usually quite large and doesn’t guarantee you won’t lose your phone or keys. This is a chance to show off your beautiful wallet or clutch bag that are normally hidden inside your everyday black bucket bag. You can choose to go daring and bright, or soft and subtle. Play on contrasts in terms of color and texture. And don’t forget to incorporate it into your ensemble.

As for styling it, try to get creative and combine it with something classy or trendy. In my personal opinion, this bag looks best with minimalistic looks, since the bag itself is already quite unusual and will be a focal point. Try wearing it with a basic tee and a pair of cropped jeans with mules or sneakers. It would also work with a classic blazer paired with shorts or jeans. If you’re feeling playful, you can even wear it on an evening out and combine it with dress a and heels for a romantic touch.

“Get creative and combine it with something classy or trendy.”

I’ve put together some looks for inspiration on how to style this bag for different occasions. After trying it myself, I’ve found it to be a great trendy bag that is not only affordable, but also very light-weight and made from natural materials (perfect for summer!).

Finally, remember that staying true to yourself is one of the most important things in fashion. Don’t lose yourself following trends that don’t suit your style, personality and values. Try finding your own style that’s unique, and at the same time up-to-date and spiced up with the latest must-have items.

“Staying true to yourself is one of the most important things in fashion.”

Effy Frost is a content creator and model with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Helsinki’s Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. She began her Instragam blog on style, fashion and photography a few years ago and also has a blog and YouTube channel that covers her life in Helsinki, Finland. In her words, “she prefers to be different,” and that’s reflected in the content she creates. Learn more about Effy on her Instagram at @frosteffy, YouTube channel, and her blog,

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