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Introducing the lady of snakes, or snake prints in this case… NINA JATULI! And yes, you heard it right: GOLDEN SNAKE PRINTS(!!!!)



We got really fascinated about this famous golden snake print of Jatuli Label, the Finnish design company founded and owned by Nina. We fell immediately in love with her and her designs. Here are the 10 questions we asked about her, the brand and the level of Finnish design:

Who are you?

I’m fashion designer Nina Jatuli, born and bred in Helsinki Finland.

What is Jatuli?

Jatuli is my label and my lovechild. It combines my work, my hobby and my passion. I design and manufacture women’s accessories and garments.


Where did it all begin?

It all began from my high school; I was in the art high school of Helsinki, where we had a fantastic opportunity to explore our creativity in a very wide scope. I was originally planning to became a sculptor, since I had discovered that working in 3D was really natural way for expression for me.

After high school I had a break from school and I was discovering more deeply what I wanted to do. By a complete random encounter my co-worker at the time said she was applying to a seamstress school and I thought it would be cool to be able to do my own pants. And soon after I found myself in the seamstress school and after that in Aalto university. In Aalto I did mostly evening gowns in the beginning, it took a while for me to “warm up” for ready-to-wear, but once I started doing it, I found great joy from seeing people actually living and using my clothes in their everyday life.


“Basically you are CEO, CMO,

CCO and COO all in one.”


How is it like to build a fashion brand from a scratch?

Its really challenging. You are doing all by yourself in the beginning, so basically you are CEO, CMO, CCO and COO all in one. And I believe that everyone can guess that you a not a master in all those fields, so it can be a rocky road. At the same time its a really rewarding to create a whole new brand and concept from scratch.


How does Jatuli differ from its competitiors?

I´m a print and sculpt gal. On other hand I base my casual wear lines heavily on prints; my prints are bold and loud and then the garments cuts are more subtle and they provide more of a surface for the prints… and on the one coloured pieces I like to explore my old sculpture passion to create interesting silhouettes.

How does designer’s creation process proceed?

I personally start from an idea or an inspirational image. From there I expand it by exploring and researching it even more, maybe introducing it to controversial inspiration to crate an interesting juxtaposition. After that I start sketching and prototyping.

In which level do you think finnish design is at the moment?

I find Finnish design really interesting, what we lack is not so much in the design field but in the marketing and promo side. A clearer marketing voice and more meaningful ways to get you message across is definitely needed!


How do you think Finnish design could rise to the same level as the top brands in the world?

Marketing is playing a key role in this one too. We need to take a look in the gaming industry and adapt some of the disruptive measures from there to create a new kind of Finnish marketing!

Should for example Finland’s government support more Finnish design and fashion industry?

There are already system providing funding, unfortunately most of these are extremely old fashioned and highly bureaucratic, they need to be re-evaluated and brought to 21st century.


“I hope to grow my business without

having to let go of ethical production.”


Jatuli’s future?

I have now done Jatuli as my main occupation for 1,5 years and things are moving forward. Im hoping to expand nationally and internationally, Im hoping to do more trade shows to gain more international customers. I hope to grow my business without having to let go of ethical production.

No matter what, I want to know that people working with my garments are adults who are paid properly. My dream is to be able to hire people in Finland full time, to be able to provide an income for someone; Finnish tax system is so heavy that my hats of to anyone who is employing people!

And we raise our hats to you Nina! It’s not easy to bring your visions into real products and actually grow your business to a point where you can make a living of it and still keep on going with the ethical and environmental aspects on your mind, even if it’s more expensive way to do it.

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