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This month’s focus has been all about women empowerment by celebrating those paving their way as a new age of boss-ladies.

We often collaborate with strong women who feel on top of the world, but we want to recognize the women who are stuck in standstill dreaming of more. Here’s how you can jumpstart your dreams.

As artistic, talented, and determined young women, we present ourselves as constantly growing and evolving. This is true! But, there are times where we all get stuck, mentally. Even while we are excelling in our own world’s, we still have many negative emotions passing by and creating havoc on our minds. Some negative emotions stem from our everyday stresses including routine chores, while others come from a deeper place. A place where we question ourselves and our own aspirations.

“Are my dreams realistic? What more can I be doing? Should I be evolving? Am I driven enough? Will I succeed? How are others doing?”

These thoughts will eventually overcome our ability to face defeat and accept loss. This is when we bury our dreams and side with an option more convenient at the moment. It is not our fault we fear failure. It is instilled in our brains that we must have realistic, measurable dreams… Does anyone remember SMART goals in college??

Sometimes life is not measurable, and our dreams can be a bunch of jumbled ideas, but starting somewhere is crucial for kickstarting your dream career, or life. If you are stuck in a standstill- we want you to know, first of all, it is ok. These are natural doubts we face, but do not let them overcome you. Get organized and find everyday motivation!

We’ve put together a list of activities that you can do during downtime to get your brain settled with your endless thoughts, concerns, and undeniable dreams.

Mood Boards

Our favorite!!! Mood boards might as well be a form of interior design. They really allow an individual to show what drives her inner goddess. Make it bright, make it pop. We want your blood to be flowing while you are looking at your mood board. Get creative- you don’t need to tape pictures onto a wall. Make your mood board mobile by creating a collage on a large canvas. Use it as a background for your desktop or phone. Place pictures on your board that make you want to overcome any fears you have about the future. However you make your mood board, be sure to make it your own!

“If you continue to be patient and work hard, things will align.”


We do not mean daily journaling, including the meals you ate and the conversations you had. Get creative with your journal entries. Document your mental progress and goals you have already overcome. Make a list of events you plan to attend in your spare-time, new food groups you’re going to try, educational goals, etc. Write down quotes that motivate you or make you feel content with where you are in life. If you can’t draw like a lot of us, use bright stickers or pieces from old magazines. This type of journaling creates a positive atmosphere for your most sacred thoughts and private long-term goals.



Allow yourself to learn from others. You may have a really good business plan, but first get yourself an internship if you’re a student or a partnership with someone you look up to that’s in the same industry as you. Do not be afraid to be the help! Most people learn the in’s and out’s of an industry this way and they end up climbing the ladder quickly. It’s also great for building respected connections, especially if you are entering into a new field of work.


Give yourself a long-term timeline. Any type of schedule is productive, but plan years in advance, as well as each week. Map out the possibilities for your future. Make it fun. Download Zillow and find your dream homes. Visit them if you’re nearby! Tell yourself it can happen in 5-10 years if you accomplish y and x first. This will keep you motivated by creating a visual for putting your goals into perspective. Do not jump 20 years in advance. Start with 2 years and then 5 years, then 10, and so on.


Fake It

That’s right, you heard us. There is a golden meaning behind the term ‘fake it until you make it’. Basically, have faith! If you continue to be patient and work hard, things will align. It’s ok to give yourself a nudge or an extra tap on the back. If you are your biggest fan, anything is possible… as cliché as it sounds!

Remember, these are things that can be worked on during 15 minutes of down-time on a daily basis. Do not overwhelm yourself with the idea that you are not doing enough. These 5, low-stress planning mechanisms will create a habit of positive thought correlated with work tasks. In turn, you will be more organized and motivated to keep climbing the ladder of success. Always keep your future goals close to you and be mindful of the present.

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