Fashion photography is a big job during Fashion Weeks all over the world. It’s not just about the fashion shows, but also the people who are attending.

 It is the photographers job to capture their unique and spunky style through images. If you manage to take a photo of an influencer or a celebrity that they or media are willing to buy, the price tag can be tens of thousands. We interviewed our guest fashion editor ANGELINA ILMAST who attended Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks.

Who are you?

I am Angelina Ilmast, photographer and entrepreneur from Helsinki.

How did you become interested in fashion?

It was many-many years ago. When I was 14, my dad brought me Vogue issue. I was watching the pictures from the runways (it was around March, so the AW collections issue), and said to myself “I want to be there, I want to work in fashion”. After that I was tending towards this dream.

What do you do during the fashion weeks? Any routines?

Since a street style photographer is a profession, which makes you be outdoors for long hours, my routine is always related to the strategy how not to be cold and wet (in Copenhagen it was raining the whole day once). Taking care about my camera, and outfit: it should be comfy, not too bright and warm. After the shooting day (it’s winter, so after sunset, around 16) I can go to the hotel and edit the pics. Usually I make up to 1k of photos, so it takes time to select.

And yeah, hot shower to stay alive.

“Scandinavians are into colors, this fact inspired me the most.”

Do you find out who is attending and where do they go before heading to fashion weeks?

Usually yes, because, I am following certain people on Insta. Then, there are several fashionistas, who are from Scandi countries and they always attend Fashion weeks in the region. But I would say, it was surprising to see big bloggers from Germany and Spain during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What are the best places to takes photos of celebrities during the FW?

Basically, you are shooting at the locations of the shows. Entrance and exit. However, you can use the streets and some areas, which are close to the location.

What kind of outfits and persons inspire you the most?

Scandinavians are into colors, this fact inspired me the most. It’s winter and the weather is quite sad, but these ladies just made the days brighter. Therefore, the combinations of colors, they are sometimes unexpected: red and pink, blue and turquoise, green and orange. One can say; too much, but actually it’s amazing.

I am a true fan of Norwegian gang with Darja Barannik, Tine Andrea and Janka Polliani. Also I love the style of Danish Jeanette Madsen (Costume DK), and how she smiles on the photos, and amazing Emili Sindlev, she rocks with every outfit.

“For me, fashion is about the joy of getting dressed and a form of self-expression”

What tips would you give to people who are into fashion photography?

  1. Prepare your back and energy in general. It’s quite hard to shoot the whole day without possibility to sit down, and carry your camera with you.

  2. Be positive and open minded. Yes, it’s a competition, yes, as a beginner you will make a lot of mistakes in terms of “ethics of a street style photographer”, but it’s fine. All the gorgeous women are nice and friendly, all the photographers are polite.

  3. Be brave. Do not hesitate to ask for a solo-photo of a particular blogger and correct his/her pose and clothes. Write them, talk to them.

How can you turn a fashion related hobby into a profession?

In term of photography, I would say several things:

  1. Watch. Which photographers are most wanted and how the shoot, and how they behave.

  2. Try to build your own vision in terms of composition, value and edition.

  3. Meet the people. Talk to the bloggers, magazine’s editors. Once they were just like you, the beginners.

What’s your favorite thing to come home to after a business trip?

After the trips I am full of energy and inspiration. When you see the results, you want to work more and more.

I always make an analysis of the trip: what was good and what can be improved. It helps a lot.

Which of your traits are you most proud of?

I won myself. I am an introvert and it is quite hard for me just to start talking. But this time I met so many beautiful people, because I made myself speak. This is my biggest pride. Therefore, I see the progress in photos and want to develop more.

What’s next for you?

I have some photo projects coming in Helsinki, I am extremely excited about them! But I am already planning the fashion summer. Want to try myself during Haute Couture in Paris and the Scandi fashion weeks.

“Self development – it’s in the spirit of this time, even all the hobbies seem to be ambitious, and it’s great that people are really doing the things that they love the most.”

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