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New York. We love you. We love your architecture, food, fashion, men but most of all that you get a feeling that the saying “City of Dreams” is sooo true. This is the place where you can really be whatever you want and express yourself like nowhere else.


The best thing to do in NYC is not to run around and see all the classic tourist attractions. What you actually SHOULD do, is to sit down at one of the nice little cafées you find behind every corner – and enjoy the feeling of the Big Apple. Get inspired by the people passing by.

Talking about inspirational people, we run into many of them while strolling around the streets of New York. Meet our cool neighbours from Norway: above Nathalie Helgerud – the Journalist of Elle Norway, below on the right Emili Sindlev – the Stylist at Eurowoman Magazine and on the left, Darja Barannik – the Russian – Norwegian Fashion editor and journalist.

The Norwegian blogger Tine Andrea (below) wore a more business-like outfit. Furry Gucci shoes, bright blue earrings and funky cuts of the trousers made a modern and funny twist for the outfit.

We loved the effortlessness and the mixing of different styles and fabrics. New Yorkers seem to be chic and stylish regard from their age or background.

“Beauty lies in details”, indeed! Details are the cherry on top of the cake. You can transform any outfit into more exiting and stylish version with accessories, make-up and hairstyles.

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