WAKE UP PEOPLE! We are already consuming over our limits and STILL there are days like Black Friday that encourages people to consume more. The craziest fact is, everyone is aware of this fucked up situation, and still acts this stupid.

If someone doesn’t know what the Black Friday is, here’s an explanation:

Originally Black Friday is from (not surprising fact) The United States. Nowadays it has spread all over the world like a disease. Black Friday is spent every year the day following U.S Thanksgiving Day and is in many states observed as a holiday. Shops open early in the morning and offer discounts, offers like “three for one” and their opening hours might be from midnight until the next evening. It has been for years the busiest shopping day of the year. For many companies, the offers and other claimers don’t just stop on Black Friday, but lasts until Christmas – and then we have big sales in January in every shop. So there’s a huge problem. A mass hysteria among consumers.

Here in a nutshell, we have listed some of the facts why you should STOP SUPPORTING BLACK FRIDAY:

– Waste & Pollution

– Fulfilling of landfills

– Environmental issues

– Human Rights

– Animal Rights

– Overusing Natural Resources

– Violence

Did you know that some people have even got killed because of the Black Friday? And no, I’m not talking about the child labour or bad working conditions now, but about how people have crushed to death or got stabbed while queueing outside the shop. Stupid, stupid people… All of this because of cheaper stuff. We’re living in a material world, and that world is ugly as hell!


BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnel! There is also the other side – resistance movement by many companies. We featured two of them: the Finnish design app IVALO, and the Finnish sustainable market place called WEECOS.

IVALO’s answer to Black Friday is EVERLASTING FRIDAY.

“Everlasting Friday is not going to be a one time thing, this is not a light matter to us. We believe that even the smaller players can make a difference. Don’t underestimate the underdog; our voice is loud and strong” – Matti​ ​Lamminsalo,​ ​IVALO​ ​CEO

“IVALO will never want our invaluable designers to be put in a place where they would be forced to discount their prices. Everlasting Friday is a celebration of our emerging designers and the work they are doing for a better fashion future.” – Ida​ ​Nyrhinen,​ ​IVALO​ ​Brand​ ​&​ ​Marketing Manager

We give credit to IVALO for working with sustainable and slow fashion all year round. And now they also ​donate​ ​all​ ​the​ ​commissions​ ​made​ on Everlasting Friday ​from​ ​the​ ​sales​ ​to​ ​charity​ ​focused​ ​on​ ​sustainable​ ​fashion​ ​future​. Labor Behind the Label organization focuses on improving the working conditions of garment labourers. This international organization is a big player in making the fashion world a better place.

Support slow fashion and instead of buying fast fashion, shop designer clothes on IVALO app and on their webshop:


Also the Finnish sustainable market place WEECOS, is fighting against the Black Friday with their international BRIGHT FRIDAY -campaign!

“Shopping decisions, in my opinion, are votes. Spending money on food, fashion or whatever item, is a decision to support certain values and producers. Also, a decision not to buy something is an act of values. There’s nothing wrong with buying stuff with a discount price as it’s a great opportunity for many. The point is to focus on thinking are the things we always buy necessary and avoid the situations where you just buy due to discounts and realise after months that you haven’t even used it once.” – Anu Hurme, WEECOS Sustainability, Communications & Content producer.

Here are the five simple rules by Anu to ease the decision making when purchasing products:

First, think. You need to give a thought to your consuming habits and consider do you want to change them.

Secondly, consider. Is this new item, for instance, shirt, something you really need or something you can see yourself wearing for years? Can the shirt be used on different occasions or just once? If you ponder the purchase, set it aside and think overnight.

Thirdly, check the quality. Before buying, check on what materials the garment is made, are the seams well done and is the material is to take care of.

Fourthly, borrow or rent. If you know that you need a dress, for example, just for one party, consider borrowing one from a friend. Or have you heard of the Clothing as a Service model? This model can be carried out many ways. One is to rent from shops like Luottovaate, which is specialised in having and renting from different Finnish designer brands. A service totally worth trying!

Finally, the 7 R’s. Your fashion footprint can also be reduced with these seven R’s from Eco Warrior Princess: reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, rent, repair, research. Worth getting to know these useful tips better!

Weecos donates its profit of the 24.11 sales to The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. They also challenge others to donate 20% of their day’s sales to their important cause. Join the Weecos #BrightFriday movement with them, us and many others in Weecos Facebook. Tag #brightfriday and the company you wish to participate in Bright Revolution!

Support slow fashion and instead of buying fast fashion, shop Finnish sustainable designer clothes on and on WEECOS webshop:

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