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Sydney is known for its gorgeous harbour and beaches. Model scout Elina Hyvölä shares her favorite spots in her home city.

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When you think of Sydney, the first things that come to mind are probably the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Avoid hundreds of selfie sticks and Asian tourist groups and admire the most popular toursit spots while sipping a Skinny B or Bonfire Espresso martini. Instagram perfect restaurant La Hacienda has become my favorite spot to go for a drink or small afternoon snack.

Where: 61 Macquarie St.

When: Sun-Thu 12-22.30, Fri-Sat 12-12



If you’re used to wearing minimalistic Scandinavian clothes, shopping in Australia will be a shock for you. Australian style is all about beach wear or really dressed up tiny playsuits, crop tops and revealing party dresses. I read about Glebe markets online and since then I have visited Glebe almost every Saturday. Glebe markets is organized every Saturday and dozens of people sell used and new clothes for both, women and men. Live music is played in the backround and if you get hungry in between shopping there are plenty of food stands offering everything from vegan doughnuts to premium burgers.

Where: Glebe Public School

When: Every Saturday 10-16



To be honest there’s no better place to live in Sydney than the Northern Beaches if you ask me. A small town feeling and beautiful beaches with amazing surf, that’s pretty much all you need.

My favorite beaches in Sydney so far are the tiny Shelly beach next to the Manly main beach and every local’s weekend getaway destination, Palm beach.  Shelly beach is known for a good spot for snorkeling as well, you can spot small sharks and dolphins if you get lucky. Both places are also amazing brekkie and lunch spots because one of the cutest restaurant chains, Boat House, is located right next to the beach.




If Pinterest tells you that Donny’s is one of the most beautiful bars in Sydney it must be true. A small restaurant in the heart of Manly known for it’s delicious cocktail menu, cool decoration and 5 dollar steak Tuesdays (don’t forget that all the tapas are half price on Sundays…).

Where: 7 Market Pl. Manly

When: 16-00


Sydney is a big city and two hours spent in public transportation to get from A to B is nothing. Cremorne point and the cute Robertson’t point light house right next to it are perfect spots for an picnic. Location is good, only 10 minutes from the CBD by ferry and the view is amazing. If the sun gets too hot you can dip into the MacCallum rock pool which happens to be also Instagram approved by popular travel blogger Jessica Stein a.k.a. @tuulavintage.





What comes to Australia’s cuisine it’s pretty much what you can imagine: barbecue, sausage rolls, hash brown and three dollar sushi rolls and everything is served with chips, of course. Every time I feel a bit homesick or just simply crave some healthy but delicious food I head to Fika. Small cafè/restaurant which is run by a lovely Swedish lady, located in Manly and known for it’s delicious meatballs (and a small but good selection of Finnish & Swedish candies).

Where: 5B Market Lane, Manly

When: 7-17, Meatball Monday 18-22


Read more about Elina on her blog #SCOUTINGDIARIES and follow her on Instagram @ELINAHYVOLA