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Do you remember our article about the power of meditation? Today is the best day to read is and start meditating – it can really make a difference in your life.

Our guest authot, Katrina Ostby, is a wellness and lifestyle blogger of Balanced & Blond. She has studied psychology and neurology and has worked as a Natural Health Practitioner. She’s now implementing this knowledge through her blog: Balanced & Blond is a space where you can learn more about yourself and the ONE body, mind and soul you were given.

MEDITATION: Playing with the brain’s frequency. You’ve heard it a million times – MEDITATE – it calms you, relaxes you, and clears your head. But does it really? I encourage you to ask yourself what is the science behind this fad that makes taking a break from real life…. Worth it. Well lovelies, the research is there. And in my opinion it’s worth more to your life than not trying it. “Continue reading if you want to become a little more badass and balanced”

Meditation has been one of the amazing tools I use to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Alongside a consistent workout routine and healthy eating habits, meditation is one of my favorite rituals. As humans we are prone to environmental stressors, bad experiences, negative thought patterns, illnesses and the list goes on and on. A fundamental component to our lives that gets forgotten is our self care, which is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Taking 20 minutes out of your crazy day to pause, reflect, breathe and let go is vital to your existence and your contribution to this life you’ve created. So before you make up some lame excuse that translates into: “I don’t have 20 minutes in my 24 hour day for myself. “Hear me out – you have the same exact amount of time as Beyonce, Einstein, Mother Teresa, and Lebron.” Prioritize your time for the most important person in your life – YOU. Instead of flipping through the same 3 social media apps, feeding your online shopping addiction, binge watching grey’s anatomy or reading this blog, You could try something different and you’ll *magically* see different results in your: Emotional + physical well being, Work or school performance, Perception of the people + the world around you.

So the first step is making a choice. Are you in? After you’ve decided to join the very small cult of people that actually meditate and don’t just talk about it – let me enlighten you on what goes on in your head when your mind is essentially “blank”.

“Hear me out – you have the same exact amount of time as Beyonce, Einstein, Mother Teresa, and Lebron.”

The Science behind Enlightenment

Well first, contrary to some beliefs, meditation is not a blank mind, it’s an open playing field for thoughts to enter, pass through or stay awhile. Teaching your mind to reach a certain frequency where your awareness becomes lucid, relaxation is deep and your creativity channels open. It’s the fine line between the conscious and the unconscious. Let’s talk about frequency, I’ve mentioned it before, raising your frequency in life to meet others but this is a bit different.

4-7 Hz is the ideal frequency for meditation

Our brains hum at a certain frequency (Hz) – it’s the microcurrent energy that allows us to process life. Typically we run at 13-30 Hz (Beta), an alert state of mind, where we think, process, plan and make decisions. After a yoga class, a candle lit bath, intercourse, or any activity that allows your body and mind to let go and relax you enter into a different frequency at 9-13 Hz (Alpha) – here your awareness is diffused, you become more transparent and reflective of your thoughts, your mind opens and creativity flows. Neural integration is more balanced between both hemispheres (right and left cerebral lobes) and communication between brain areas are fluid. During a normal meditation one slips from beta to alpha to a slower state called Theta (4-7 Hz), where it hovers between a lucid awareness and deep Delta (2-4 Hz) sleep.

Theta is the frequency for meditation – but it’s also the moments before you wake in the morning where you transition from a deep sleep to full consciousness. The period where you recall dreams or can even possibly manipulate them? It’s a playing ground we rarely stay in long enough to utilize. Meditation lets you tap into this frequency and reap the amazing benefits of theta. Not going to lie – It’s hard to reach and often people jerk out of it back to reality not allowing themselves to fully enter into this state and stay there. But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Practice to perfect meditation, everyday.

 Top 3 reasons I meditate

*Meditation is unique to each individual – I believe what you receive from each meditation is what your mind + body need in that present moment, whether it is small in significance or of profound importance. The progress you obtain in meditating daily or weekly is the gift, it’s the journey that counts not the destination – be patient with yourself and your beautiful brain*

1. Subconscious comes out to play

  • Our conscious frequencies (beta/alpha) take a step aside, allowing deep thoughts, beliefs, traumas, past events we don’t routinely think of to come to light as external life melts away

  • Meditation gives us the power to process thoughts/feelings/sensations in a safe environment, where we can let them resinate and actively decide to address any thoughts or sensations that arise.

  • Tip: In Theta you are subjective to suggestions, this is a great place to implement positive thought patterns and take back control of some deep rooted feelings that might be inhibiting you from moving forward in work, relationships or even life.

  • Warning: Be careful that you enter meditation with an intention and understanding of the vulnerable place you will reach, keep it at the forefront. It’s easy to think negatively and continue down that road, remember you have all the power to stop your thinking & reroute the thoughts onto a positive path.

2. MIND + BODY Healing

Theta frequency is labeled as one of the ‘healing’ frequencies

Through a number of studies, Meditation hasbeen shown to… Reduce stressIncrease endorphinsDecrease depression, anxiety and negative feelingsImprove psychological resilience Slow the deterioration of neurological diseases ( alzheimers + parkinsons) AND it keeps you young, i’ll let science explain this oneScience: Cell death is known as one of the reasons we age. Our cells are not immortal nor are we. Cell death can happen for a number of reasons, but one specific reason is the shortening of telomeres (a protein that encases the end caps of our DNA) due to the encoding of damaged DNA. Telomeres are the longest when we are young and decrease over time. Due to chronic stress, chemicals, free radicals and so much more, our cells can become too damaged beyond repair and die. SO where does meditation fit in? Meditation can increase telomerase (telomore’s repairing enzyme) and the length of telomeres which in contrast extends cell life and slows aging. *If this isn’t enough to get you meditating then i don’t know what is*

3. Heightened intuition + Focus

Remove the overriding hum of beta frequencies, allow yourself to sit with your raw thoughts and emotions. Unconstrained by your logical voice and conscious games you can begin to hear your inner voice. The one that faintly nudges you but takes precedent to the control of your conscious.

That gut feeling, innate intuition, or small inner voice, all become magnified when you let go of whats around you.

The more frequently you practice meditation, the more attuned you will be with yourself on a regular basis everyday not just sitting cross legged in silence.


“But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Top 3 Meditation Essentials

  1. Headspace + Inscape (apps)

  2. Meditation Station (podcast)

  3. Meditation Vacation (youtube)

Just begin.

Start by sitting for 2 minutes with your eyes closed, no phone, no TV, no talking. Eventually turn those 2 minutes into 10 minutes and then into 20 minutes. Learn to lose yourself in the present moment, it takes discipline, but trust me the results are beautiful when you let the frequency of your mind flow. The world will always be chaotic. Your mind does not have to be. If you have a choice or a moment – choose something that will benefit you longer. Stimulate your mind in different ways – and keep doing it, everyday.




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“Be patient with yourself and your beautiful brain.”

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