Overall wellness and wellbeing in general has been a  huge trend in the past few years. Is it going to slow down or will the trend change back to unhealthy? We think not. People are more and more aware of what they put into their bodies. So shall we talk about one of the heroes in the superfood business, then?

Svante Spiik has always been a sporty guy, but because of his hectic lifestyle and working around the clock, he didn’t feel good enough. He wanted to change his lifestyle for good. The idea of making healthy and pure, delicious food, came to Svante in 2008 when he met Olli Posti and Jaakko Halmetoja. Inspired by their ambition for healthy food, he opened a superfood smoothie bar a year later in Kamppi, Helsinki, with the help of his friends.

After his first superfood based café, he has opened one on Iso Roobertinkatu (Caneli Café, known as The Boom Room nowadays) and then started the success story of Pure Hero:

In 2013 he met Tytti and they came up with an idea to start a café that sells only healthy and organic food with a trendy twist. That’s when Pure Hero was born. At that time together with his friends Svante had a CrossFit gym in Turku. He helped Tytti with everything he could to build their business, to become the successful and well-known brand it is today.

“Trust us, you definitely have to taste them. All of them.”



Like the name says, PURE HERO sells everything organic and pure from fresh salads and delicious raw cakes to healthy superfoods and smoothies. Trust us, you definitely have to taste them. All of them. And have a little more.

You can also order cakes and other delicious foods for weddings, parties or just to enjoy with your friends (or by yourself ;)). They even arrange courses of how to make smoothies, raw cakes, chocolate etc.

Pure Hero is the leader in the raw food café business. “Couple of years back, people didn’t eat salads for lunch. They just didn’t. But look what has happened, we are expanding all the time because the demand is so high. We’re starting to renovate Paulig Kulma so there’ll be more room to eat. Also, there is going to be a cool juice and smoothie bar just next to the original Paulig Kulma” , Svante tells us.

“PURE MOVE believes that healthy body, happy mind and good well-being belongs to everyone.”



All of you who have visited the central of Helsinki must have run into Paulig Kulma – the trendy café, roastery and café institute next to shopping centre Kluuvi.

You’ll find two ambitious fellows (and friendly staff) there, Svante and Tytti, who are working at Kulma as entrepreneurs of Pure Hero. Amazing products from Pure Hero and tasty coffees from PAULIG, made with love and high quality. It’s a heavenly good experience – and guess what, eating these yummies doesn’t cause you a bad conscience: It all goes to muscles because the treats are actually so rich in protein and don’t include white sugar, bad flours or fats! Only the best and purest ingredients.

You want to visit this place for sure!



PURE MOVE believes that healthy body, happy mind and good well-being belongs to everyone. Teachings are based on humane contacts. They also want to keep the pricing in a level that everyone can attempt regardless of their life situation.

Bringing this all to next level, Pure Move does collaboration with Pure Hero, the best raw food cafés in Turku and Helsinki. Pure Move operates in Turku with two yoga studios: One in the centre of Turku and one in Martti.

The world needs new, fresh visions. Pure Move wants to set an example. A pioneer that is here to remind that EVERYONE is at the same starting point. We are all equal.



“Release your inner performance in everyday life. And that doesn’t mean only exercise and sports, but your inner strength in all life categories, it’s your PURE HERONESS! We want to bring markets a whole new idea of well-being, it’s the Hero Concept. But I won’t tell you too much now, you have to wait a bit longer…”, Svante says.





Flat white with honey


Salads and falafels

5am coffee

Mango Mudcake


Pure Turku // Eerikinkatu 7 TURKU

Pure KONTTI // Jokiranta TURKU

Pure Move // Eerikinkatu 7 TURKU // Martti TURKU

Paulig Kulma // Aleksanterinkatu 9 HELSINKI

“Self development – it’s in the spirit of this time, even all the hobbies seem to be ambitious, and it’s great that people are really doing the things that they love the most.”

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