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We love to love, but we also are inspired by women who are secure living their best lives by themselves. Men are not necessities, even on Valentine’s day.

Here is an insight to the world of sexting, teasing, chasing, and not only being confident as a single woman in today’s society, but choosing to be single in today’s society. Read our interview below with Fedited’s CEO, Sarianne, and find out how to be completely content single and play the game better than most men.

What does Valentine’s day mean to you

“Actually, it means friendship for me because in Finland it is considered to be a friends day verses a day for the lovers. I love the famous Valentine’s day scene of Carrie and Miranda in Sex and the City when they are out to eat joking about the fact that Valentine’s day was on steroids that year. I hate that it is such a tacky, commercial day. But don’t get me wrong, if I were to be handed a bouquet of roses I would kindly accept and be grateful.”

Have you ever been in a serious relationship 

“Yes I have, but it totally changed me. I felt I was losing myself in the process of growing the relationship with him. Disney movies and the film industry always made me feel as if I had to find my prince charming and create a world together. But the truth is, I run my own world.”

Why do you prefer flings

“Actually I would say I prefer relationships BUT only if I truly know he’s the one. I won’t be in a relationship because of wrong reasons like I don’t want to be alone. I’m seeing one guy at a time if it goes to a deeper level than just a fling. Usually it doesn’t so why not just have fun and enjoy being single and wanted.

Flings are good because I won’t get hurt and it is nice to have a constant chase or desire. It brings so much excitement into my life and when things get serious I tend to run. It is not because I am scared of a relationship, but I like to meet new people. I am constantly working and it is nice to have the freedom.”

“But the truth is, I run my own world.”

What is your best sexting advice

“Always be mysterious, also confident. If the guy is not feeling it- don’t push it or make yourself look desperate. If you want to send a sexy picture, do not show too much skin or your face so you can deny the fact that it was your nude if someone else sees it or god forbid it goes viral. Let the guy beg for more. Send a sexy pic and go to sleep on him. Make it simple and fun, even sarcastic. Get creative. One time I was modeling body paint for a project (completely naked) and I had a cello (the instrument) painted down my neck to my butt. I took a selfie with a mirror reflection of my back in the background and sent it some guys and wrote: “have you ever wanted to play cello?” …Needless to say they said yes, but I went to bed.”

How do you stay confident knowing your fling may be seeing someone else

“You need to understand that if you are seeing other guys, he is probably seeing other girls. If I feel myself wanting something more with the guy I am seeing, I am not afraid to have the conversation with him and ask if we should continue this. The other girls tend to be my confidence booster, they may be “sexier” than me but I have been told that my personality is what keeps guys wanting more and I truly believe that. I love myself unconditionally and I expect anyone that comes into my life to do the same.”

How do you avoid heartbreak or attachment

“I always remind myself that I am not settled down and the guy I am seeing is probably texting another girl. Not that I think all guys are players, I just know I am not giving him fully what he wants and he should be allowed to explore his options, as I am doing the same thing. As I mentioned, I’m never afraid to have a conversation about my feelings. I have a strong intuition and if the warning bell goes on, I listen to myself and move on rather than just hang in there. Sometimes it hurts to admit that someone is not that into you but hey, chin up there’s plenty of fish in the sea.”

What advice would you give to girls in the dating world

“Don’t try too much. Don’t go into a date seeking a boyfriend or having a checklist of what you think he should be. Don’t psych yourself out. If you get into the date and you are totally uninterested, don’t be rude or feel defeated, allow yourself to explore other options with this person; perhaps a business partner, or your friend’s future husband. Be present and energetic throughout every date. Slam a cup of coffee before if you think he might be boring.”

Do you see yourself settling down anytime soon

“Aaah… it depends. Is he willing to sail across the Atlantic with me? But really, this is something I ask myself after every date. I seek adventure in the person I am with, but I also value trust. I’ll get back to you on this one, I currently have someone I am crushing pretty hard over.”


The dress is by Finnish designer Katri Niskanen,

“One time I was modeling body paint for a nude project and I had a cello painted down my neck to my butt.”

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