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There I was interviewing Karita Tykkä when suddenly I started opening up to this impressive person, whom I had only met just an hour before, all the while I was the one who was supposed to be interviewing her…

Karita has a kind of calming power that makes you want to share all of your fears and personal stories with her. She almost made me cry when she looked at me with her kind eyes and said ”every now and then I get a feeling that I need to ask someone, how are you. And I mean, REALLY how are you?” I just wanted to answer, even though she didn’t ask me, and say I’m fine but so so so tired all the time.
After the interview, I came home and realized that it was an International Mental Health Day. I hadn’t planned on this interview to happen on the same day but like Karita, I also believe in the energy around us. This interview made me realize that I need to do big changes in my life. Karita has that kind of inspiring force. It is no wonder she’s a gifted Life and Holistic Health Coach.



“Karita has that kind of inspiring force. It is no wonder she’s a gifted Life and Holistic Health Coach.”

Photos: Milja Laakso; Text: Sarianne Solio; Karita wearing Jaana Parkkila skirt, Aistikas earrings and Chaine top

We all know the key points for a healthy, balanced, and happy life, but why do so many of us ignore those points?

We have the answers inside of us already, we know them, we know what to do. But one big thing that people are missing the right questions and healthy routines. Once in a while it is good to stop and ask yourself what do I really want right now. You need to find the things that make you feel good. I meditate every morning and night, drink a lot of water and I go swimming in the sea every morning (I do listen to myself, there are some days when my mind and body don’t want to go swimming) but you can have your own routines that you follow and they make YOU feel good. A routine that works for me, might not work for you. 

When I coach, I always encourage people to find their own thing. The basic principles are the same for everyone: enough sleep, good nutrition, and exercise. While individual cases may vary, this is a good rule of thumb. We are all the same because we are all differentEvery one of us is different and that makes as the same. I always love to highlight that fact!

One thing that you could do is to write down the things that make you feel good, even the smallest details and then on the other side of the paper, write the things that make you feel bad. Then start to think of your life, could I somehow get rid off at least some of these bad things and how can I increase the amount of these good things in my life? When you write these things down on a paper, then you’re already planning your life in a more positive direction.





Karita wearing Népra sportswear and Oona Armia Jewelry

Nowadays social media affects us all in such an influential way. There has been a lot of discussions about the state of mental health problems, particularly among teenagers and even young children, how can we tackle this issue?

I speak as a mother. My son is turning eight soon and he doesn’t have a phone because he hasn’t asked to have one until now. He said that it’s not for playing games but so he could contact his friends. Also in school, they use phones for example for orienteering and he can’t take part without a phone. Sometimes it’s hard to understand that even-though phones, computers, and tablets are part of today’s world, why do we encourage people to use them so much.

There are even suicide games on the internet. In my childhood, I didn’t know anyone who had done or even tried to do a suicide. I don’t understand how have we come to this point. There are so many bad feelings that we keep inside of us. Since we are kids, we have felt like we’re not enough, we are not connected to nature anymore and we are lacking in happy thoughts like I am enough and I am important. The environment around us has shaped us.

When someone is feeling depressed and they go to nature or start to eat nutritious food, in my opinion, those are the first steps towards healing. Our gut is like our second brain – the message goes also to the other direction. What we eat also affects how we feel. 90 % of pleasure (or feel good hormones are formed in our intestines! Also if you’re always in pessimistic, angry, or in a a bad mood, it negatively affects the microbiome in your intestines and then you start to feel bad and get sick.




Karita wearing ES Design dress and Tuuli Vaara Jewellery

”You can do anything you want, you can achieve anything you want and you don’t have to be like everyone else.”

Should we raise our children by denying them digital equipment and give them books for entertainment?

I don’t believe in denying things. If there is a forbidden fruit, of course, you want to bite it. I think the most important thing is to be present and listen to children but the same goes also with other relationships. Every day I ask my son, how are you, how is life today. I’m genuinely interested about what he thinks and feels. Giving people space to speak and be present. Don’t be anxious about when is your turn to speak, just listen! Wait for your turn to speak.

I believe that a self-image is built by words. If you always say to someone how they are like ”you’re so clumsy”, of course, he or she starts to think that they are clumsy. Or ”your homework is incorrect AGAIN”, then he starts to think how bad he is at school. I rather want to say ”you can do anything you want, you can achieve anything you want and you don’t have to be like everyone else”.

How about with adults, we also spend time on social media and get influenced by other people how we dress up and look like. Do style and personal outlooks have aneffecton our self-image?

I started modeling when I was 15 and I did that for 25 years. Nowadays I dress the way I want to, but that came when I got older. I appreciate how the clothes feel and how comfy they are nowadays. When I was younger I wore tight clothes and high heels all the time. Now when I think of it, it was insecure and more about ”this is what I’m supposed to look like”. Now at the age of 42, I don’t think about how I’m supposed to look! I dress up how I want and like that very much. Sometimes you can see that people wear clothes that are in fashion but they are not comfortable using them, that’s not cool.




There are also a lot of people who don’t give a damn how they look like, I mean walking around in sweatshirts 24/7. Would it help them to achieve more in their lives if they would give more effort?

Sometimes people are just lazy or it can be fear, lack of confidence, or dressing up can be seen like showing off. Now there is also a trend that combines sport and leisure. It has been great to notice that even though you might think that in the countryside or in a smaller city’s people are not that fashionable, sometimes that’s the opposite! I’ve seen some pretty amazing outfits when doing work trips out of town.

Is there something that you have had on your mind lately that you would want to share with us?

I don’t like, and I do this also sometimes, how people are valued in life depending on how much they seem to be doing. The idea of that some people are great and successful because they have many projects, working late every day, or a lot of followers on social media. I also do a lot of things but I appreciate people who also know how to be present and who do things without getting credit for it all the time. We are performing all the time: in work, in relationships, hobbies… We have different roles like a being a daughter, son, husband, wife, employee, and director. We try to do everything for everyone. No one can do it all the time. I say to people in my coaching sessions that you’re enough, you don’t have to perform anymore. You can achieve more by doing less, and you don’t need to perform all the time. And usually, I can see the change immediately.




“You have the power in your hands to decide how you want to see this world — is your coffee cup half full or half empty? We have a possibility to make our life how we want it and see it.”






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