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I’M BACK! Meaning my long-lost energy, positivity, creativity and motivation! And trust me, that’s all because I ate clay for a week.

If you’re like me and you loooove sushi, all that fresh fish might have contaminated you with worms. Gross af. You’ve probably aware that almost all of us modern people have parasites in our bodies.  I was also aware of this, but it didn’t stop my sashimi cravings. Until I met with a parasite gurutwo summers ago in Helsinki. She encouraged me to try the Colon Cleanser kit by Blessed Herbs to get rid of the vitamin-sucking parasites, and there I was for the first time, eating bentonite clay for days. That time, my last day of detox I experienced some sort of click-moment when I felt the most creative I’ve ever felt in my life. All my thoughts were clear and my mind was overflowing ideas that I would write down for the whole night, could barely sleep because of all the newfound excitement and didn’t feel tired at all in the morning — total opposite: I couldn’t stop talking about my ideas and my future plans. Everything was suddenly so CLEAR and brilliant!! That kind of energy boost helped me to proceed with everything in my life, but after two years of bad eating and too-much-wine habits I felt that it was time to do the clay detox again…

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“Everything was suddenly so CLEAR and brilliant!!”

But this time, I didn’t order the expensive detox package but measured all the ingredients myself. I don’t recommend this part for anyone to do themselves, consult your doctor first!! For six days, my diet was 4 glasses of this cocktail, one glass every three hours: 1tsp clay powder mixed with 2dl organic apple juice, 1tbsp psyllium husk flakes and 1/2tsp ginger root powder. After mixing the ingredients, drink it immediately, and drink loooots of water as well, at least 0,5l! In between cocktails you can have herbal tea or green tea if you feel tired, that helps a lot! And take some herbal laxatives to make sure your stomach works well every day of the detox! You’d think that this kind of diet would make you feel super hungry, but instead you actually don’t feel hunger at all.

The diet is based on the effects of the toxin-removing bentonite clay that has been used for centuries. Its health benefits, in addition to detoxing the digestive tract, include encouraging pH balance, promoting healthy gut microbiota, resisting harmful bacteria, removing fluoride from water and helping in removing environmental toxins. Bentonite clay produces an electrical charge when it contacts water. This negative charge attracts positively-charged toxins like toxic metals and chemicals. Like a magnetic sponge, it holds onto impurities and carries them out of the body for elimination. Read more about the benefits of bentonite clay here.

In addition to eating clay, I also hopped in a hot clay bath every night. (Or you can make a foot clay bath as well!) I added 1-2 cups of bentonite clay to my hot bath water along with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, and stayed in the water for 30 or more minutes. You can use that time for meditating or maybe visualizing your ideal reality.

On my sixth (and last) day of the detox it kicked me: the overflowing inspiration burst that cured my anxiety and tiredness, felt like someone had suddenly turned the lights on in my world!! All my thoughts felt bright and brilliant  and I found the motivation for my work again. And all because of the freakin’ clay detox, that’s for sure. It’s crazy how the wellbeing of our gut affects soooo much in our brain, and in everything. And I personally believe that cleansing your gut with bentonite clay is a good start. BUT Consult your doctor and follow their opinion, not mine.

So I decided to change my bad McDonalds-uber-eats lunch habits to cooking all meals at home. These days, it feels like it’s made too easy to order in, and the options seem limitless. But then again, when you don’t prepare the food yourself, you don’t know what you’re eating… And it’s a lot cheaper to cook at home, too. I found inspiration for my new cooking habits from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book It’s All Good that focuses mostly on vegetables, grains and fish. Love love love!!

Good luck with your clay baths (and clay cocktails if you decide to go for it…) and remember to maintain healthy habits in your everyday life. ??

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