Valerie Carpender is a total boss babe with multiple careers. (How does she do it all?!) We sat down to chat (while having a glass of red) with the successful multimedia artist, jewelry designer and a fashion model of 14 years.

As we arrive to Valerie Carpender’s apartment, we’re happily greeted with her furry little boy, Teddy. The apartment, that she shares with her boyfriend, is gorgeous, decorated with great taste and a lot of art. Her boyfriend used to collect art already before the couple met, and had actually bought one of Valerie’s paintings years before they met!

I actually first saw Valerie’s artworks through Instagram, and I also saw that we have mutual friends, and both live in Minneapolis. Being a multipassionate entrepreneur myself, I find it super interesting to meet people who manage to be successful in their businesses, and to learn how they find time to do it all.

How did you start your jewelry business?

“I was actually making the jewelry pieces just for myself at first, and my friends asked me if I could make them some jewelry pieces as well. Things evolved and now I make necklaces, body jewelry and  bracelets for my V Shop. I sell the jewelry pieces online on my website and at pop-up shops. We usually shoot the jewelry campaigns with my friends, they are modeling for me too.”


What type of art do you like to create?

“I love doing art commissions, creating meaningful and beautiful artworks for people. My multimedia artworks have hidden meanings that mean a lot for the artwork receiver, many times people start crying happy tears when they see the final artwork. That’s the best reward for me and motivates me to create art – to see the happy customer. I also make colorful portraits of interesting people, and my passion subject: horses.”

Valerie at her home studio
 Wearing CHAINE faux fur, jewelry by V Shop.

Watch below the full interview with Valerie…

Follow Valerie on Instagram: @valeriecarpender and her jewelry account @vshopjewelry. See her work on

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