FENG SHUI is an ancient practice originating from China. It’s been in use for thousands of years, with its main focus on balancing the ‘Chi’, life force energy, in the living spaces. According to feng shui, the energy of our environment has a straight effect in our overall wellbeing and our personal energy, and balancing the energy in your space can help you achieve a higher frequency in all areas of your life. It can help you enhance your love life & relationships, finances, wellness and how you FEEL in your everyday life, helping you attract and manifest abundance in love, health and wealth.

“When the space is clear of clutter, your mind is clear of clutter.”

– Emmi Granlund, the Founder of F-EDITED

In our modern world, feng shui can be applied to our living spaces in multiple ways, but the easiest way to start implementing it in your life is through cleaning and cleansing your space. Cleansing means using rituals and incense to clear the old energy out of your space and bring in positive energy. Sound is a great way of bringing higher frequencies into your space: Singing bowls, chanting, saying affirmations and mantras can help you transform your space and how you feel in it.

Another important part of feng shui is the balance of the FIVE ELEMENTS. These elements are fire, earth, wood, metal and water. By balacing these in your space you can have more clarity, energy and focus, leading to abundance in all areas of your life.


  1. Clean and unclutter your space. This is vital for the Chi, life force energy, to flow effortlessly in your space. Clutter blocks this energy flow and you may feel ‘stuck’ in your life. Organize and you’ll start feeling better already.
  2. Cleanse your space with incense, rituals and setting intention. For example, burn the holy wood, palo santo, to get rid of negative energy and to bring more positive energy into your space.
  3. Apply any feng shui remedies needed. For example, if you are attracting a romantic relationship into your life, focus on having everything in doubles, add balance by giving space for your dream partner in advance in your space. Add rose quartz crystals next to your bed. Be completely in love with yourself to attract more love into your life.

By organizing your space in according to BAGUA MAP, you can focus on enhancing different areas of your life. With placing specific colors, shapes, textures and elements you change the energy flow to be beneficial for you.

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