There are times when you need a little kick on your ass. You want to have a new job, charm your crush or just conquer the world. And what’s a better thing to do it than to follow some cool entrepreneurs and get some stunning inspiration!

So here are some of the coolest Finnish entrepreneurs at the moment:



This fashionista, author, documentarist, model and a hostess of Finland’s Next Top Model TV show. Maryam is the warmest and kindest person you’ll ever meet! You’ll never know what she’s gonna do next but it for sure isn’t boring.

When following this super talent, you will have good vibes, positive drive for your day and some new girl power thoughts in your life. Love it.


We have a high respect for this fellow! He’s from a very little town in the middle of Finland and now he’s ruling not only men’s fashion in Finland but also in Europe. He’s been living in London and has evolved a really interesting sense of style.

Also he’s famous for his photography, so if you’re not that into men’s fashion, you should definitely follow this fashionista for his amazing pics!


Fashion alart! May we introduce to you the Fashion Director of SSAW Magazine. Why we’re crazy about him? Well isn’t that obvious?? Look at those smoking hot pics he’s posting! His profile is a mix of modern design and art with fashion from different decades.

And every now and then those a bit naughty pictures… Well who wouldn’t love them! For sure we do!



Wassup girlfriend?! This stylish lady is a DJ, radio host, booking agent, social media manager and one hot ass entrepreneur. So here is another multitalent, Iiris Kokko by her real name. We love her because she’s brave to be her.

We ran into her at Cafe Carusel and guess what, she was wearing underwear and a fishnet dress. How many of you would wear that kind of outfit with grace and style, not thinking about other peoples opinions. Such a girl boss!



Well isn’t this obvious… We are the power girls behind FEDITED Oy, the coolest fashion company in Finland atm!

But honestly, we want to share our life through beautiful pictures and although you can follow our company on Instagram through @f.edited, we do also have some individual projects. Emmi has her own art & interior design studio @atelierkainu and luxury art & design brand Sarianne does stylings for photshoots and also works as a photographer.

We want to be rolemodels and inspire people to be creative and follow their dreams. Also entrepreneurship is really close to our hearts so you can see our everyday life routines via social media. Feel free to contact us with direct messages!





We know there’s plenty of inspirational entrepreneurs to follow – tell your favourites below in the comments!