We’re excited to announce that we have some new collaboration opportunities in 2018 with Fedited Oy LLC.

Our collaboration opportunities are available especially for small design & fashion companies that are willing to go international. We are highly selective when choosing the brands we want to collaborate with: We believe that the brands with ecological ideology and great designs deserve to get their chance in the spotlight – no matter what their marketing budget is.

We do article collaborations on with fashion editorials and brand introductions. We arrange events together with brands at our HQ. We do marketing consulting for brands. We do design collaborations, such as FEDITED x AISTIKAS jewellery collection launching this fall. We air “FEDITED Talks” podcasts on our site and film our behind the scenes materials for our Fedited TV show.

Are you ready to go global and share your inspiring story with the world? Do you have big or crazy dreams you’d like to tell us about? We’d love to hear more and be the missing part of your magical success story.

Ways to collaborate

We write articles about influencing entrepreneurs and produce editorial photoshoots. Show your brand in a curated editorial with brands sharing your values.

Fashion Consulting

Are you in the beginning of your fashion journey and don’t know how to proceed? Come to chat with us and we’ll be happy to create a plan for you.

Design Collaboration

We do design collaborations with brands, such as FEDITED x AISTIKAS jewellery collection launching Fall 2018. We also handle the marketing and produce the launch event.
Our showroom in the heart of Helsinki city center is a great place to showcase your brand. We produce events and workshops regularly, so your brand will get an exclusive and highly selected audience.
Our podcast series “Fedited Talks” starts in Fall 2018. Your brand could be one of our sponsors or you could be one of our guests.
Fedited TV is our Youtube channel showing interviews and behind the scenes of our hectic workdays around the world.

Tell us about your budget, goals and the form of collaboration you are interested in. We are happy to send you our media kit via email and arrange a meeting with us.