It is Breast Cancer awareness month and we want to launch it by saying if you or someone you know has a history with this beast, you are not alone.

Cancer is something that I’m actually the most scared of when talking about health. Maybe it’s because cancer has affected my family over the years in so many different ways. The very first thing I remember about cancer is that my mother’s really good friend died because of breast cancer when I was maybe six or seven. After that my father had a weird mole that grew bigger and was then removed in surgery, my grandmother had bowel cancer and the worst was when my little sister had a tumor on her head when she was only three months old. Luckily, everyone is well now.





”The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

Photos & Text: Sarianne Solio



Last fall I too had problems with my health but I will tell more about that soon in another article. For now, we want to tell that you’re not alone even if you have or have had cancer or someone close to you has it. One of our main goals here at FEDITED is to create a community where we share our stories and empower each other every day.

It’s a fact that we live in a world that is full of pollution, bad ingredients, fast food and mental health problems that affect our overall well being. Making smart choices every day towards lowering your stress levels, taking care of yourself physically and mentally, will keep you healthier longer. Sometimes even those actions aren’t enough. Some diseases run in family and in our genes.



”Your healing is about you. It doesn’t need a stamp of approval. Don’t worry about how long it takes or how ugly it may seem. It’s about you.”




There are things we can all do to live safer healthier lives. It is good to have regular check-ups with your doctor, especially when you feel something is off. Remember you welcome to have several opinions from different doctors too. Also, remember to feel good about investing in your health rather than spending money on superficial short-term things. Learn how to give yourself a mammogram exam at home and educate yourself on what to look for. The most important thing is to not spend your life worrying about getting sick, keeping a healthy positive mentality is key.



”To that one soul reading this: I know you’re tired, you’re fed up, you’re close to breaking, but there’s strength within you, even when you feel weak. Keep fighting.”



As for the rest of the month of October, we will proudly wear our pink clothes and pink breast cancer awareness ribbons to support cancer research and show our support for breast cancer patients, survivors and families. We hope you will too!



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