“We believe that creativity saves the world. We’re here to tell the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and brands.”

Ciao ciao! At first, let’s make something clear: We are not a social media office, a digital marketing office, a PR-office, a photo/videographer agency, or a blog. What we are is a community for entrepreneurs and creative talents. We are an inspirational and educational site. We are bringing together creative influencers and brilliant, sustainable brands that have the same values.

We help our collaborating brands to grow their business internationally. We provide the companies high quality marketing materials, we have a great international team of photographers, videographers, social media professionals, designers and editors. With our articles and videos we aim to focus on important topics that need more discussion. We highlight creative talents and tell their story for a global audience.

With us you’ll get a front row ticket to the unseen world of fashion, art, design and entrepreneurship. Our values are slow fashion and sustainability, self-love through physical and mental wellbeing, and being real. The word “fedited” means not edited, real content: a rough draft. But we are not boring! We do everything with attitude, style, and a go-getter mentality.

Welcome to our journey of endless learning and curiosity.

Sarianne & Emmi