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Renovation, moving, searching for a new apartment… These are the things that many of us hate. Some people, krhm for example us, are too hasty and want everything to happen right now, right at this moment – Patience, where are you??




Luckily there are also people who have long term ambitious commitments. Let’s meet Alexa:
Alexa Dagmar, 25, is a Finnish full-time fashion blogger, influencer, entrepreneur and author based in Helsinki. She was one of the first professional bloggers in Finland and her lifestyle blog has been constantly growing since the beginning. Her talent as a photographer, writer and visualizer has been noted on several medias and by various partners around the globe. Alexa’s long term partners include brands such as Maybelline, adidas, Zalando and essie.
Alexa has a great taste of style. It must be at least partly inherited from her mother who runs the most beautiful and exclusive interior shop called ZARRO at Fredrikinkatu 37, Helsinki. Alexa’s mother Irene Lemmetti has owned the shop for 28 years now. It’s an honorable establishment, because it sure isn’t an easy job to run a decor store in the centre of Helsinki for almost three decades.
Because of a great role model, Alexa has also chose to make a living as an entrepreneur. Her blog is one of the biggest fashion blogs in Finland. Also she’s known for doing business with high respect towards her customers:
“Finnish bloggers are ambitious and I have heard from foreign companies who are doing business with bloggers, that for example compared to Swedish, Finnish bloggers always give 100% and more. They don’t just repost pics etc, but they want to create new and do more for their customer”.
But we wonder, can blogging stay as popular as it is nowadays? Finland among other Scandinavian countries has more personal blogs than any other country in the world. At blogit.fi there are more than 4 000 blogs, and the amount is believed to be far higher, because many bloggers don’t want to list their blog to any public service.
Watch now on FEDITED TV what Alexa has to say about this, what career plans she has for the future and how her fiancé deals with their renovation projects!